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20 years of warnings


Some time ago I received a call from a friend who used to read my essays in my monthly column in the Juneau Empire twenty years ago.  He said he wondered what I was talking about as I warned America about the erosion of the Natural Law and the U.S. Constitution, tribal and local governments, etc. He said after twenty years he was finally able to see that all the things I have alerted Americans about is actually coming true right before our eyes today.  Now, there is no way that I am a prophet, although I do believe I get a lot of my ideas from the Creator and the Law of Nature.[i]

How many of us are familiar with the Declaration of Independence in the U.S Constitution these days? In the first paragraph we read:

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Law of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”

If you were fortunate enough to study these documents when you were in school, you would be reminded that the Founding Fathers believed in the Natural Law and God’s law.  Native Americans lived and abided by the Natural Law and lost their way when they were forced on reservations, which took away their ability to live their traditional lifestyle; even though they are making strides to live the American way in this day and age---living the Natural Law is pretty much a secret to them anymore and is, moreso, mysterious to the American people as well.

What is the Natural Law?

When I was a very young man I subscribed to a book club that enabled me to obtain the writings and thoughts of great men from the past. One of these men was Marcus Tullius Cicero who was a Roman philosopher and political writer. He believed that there were ideologies that all mankind must abide by. They are called the Natural Law.

Cicero explained that the Natural Law was the Creator’s order of things—that it is true law and that true law is right reason in agreement with nature. He also said that it is immoral to try to alter it, repeal it or abolish it; he stated that “We cannot be freed of its obligations by senate or people.”  He also revealed that, “It is one eternal and unchangeable law that will be valid for all nations and all times.”

One of my favorite modern day political thinkers, and writer, is the late W. Cleon Skousen. Skousen advanced Cicero’s natural law idea further.  He agreed with Cicero that God’s law is, indeed, “right reason” however he said, “when perfectly understood is wisdom— and when applied to government it translates to justice.” I subscribe to these thoughts and know that the Founders also indorsed the Natural Law as well. It is stated in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence; read where it addresses that we should abide by the Law of Nature and Nature’s God.   It would be well to recognize that the Natural Law has been with us since the recorded history of mankind. Many great nations that have come and gone rose to their grandeur by abiding by these sound principles and fell when they drifted from them.  The pilgrims realized that the Native Americans lived within the laws of nature when they came to our lands and spent their first winter with them. The Natives assisted the new-comers with schemes on how to survive their first winter and were introduced to living within the circle of the Natural Law.

 Our U.S. Constitution was founded upon the Natural Law and God’s commandments. Compare, if you will, the Ten Commandments and the statutes originally found in our own government.  The “thou shalt not’s” are the same.

Today the Natural Law has been forgotten and, of course, God’s laws are disappearing from our American way of life by a very persuasive progressive movement. For the past hundred years America has been gradually invaded by progressivism and is very dangerous to our country.

Who are progressives?

As a starter, we know that Hillary Clinton embraces progressivism. Even though she is labeled as a Democrat she has admitted that she is a progressive Democrat. The progressive movement began as a social crusade in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and gradually grew into a political movement. The term progressive represents a range of assorted political pressure groups who believe that the struggles society faces today—such as poverty, violence, greed, racism, class warfare, etc. could best be addressed by providing a good education, a safe environment, and an efficient workplace. While these are worthy programs, progressives also believe that government could be a tool for a change toward socialism.

 Progressive philosophies began to be accepted by members from both political parties. President Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican and later in his career as President, he embraced progressive mindsets and said that he “believed that wise progressivism and wise conservatism go hand in hand.” President Woodrow Wilson was also a member of the progressive movement in the Democratic Party.  Modern progressives now tend to describe racism as merely a social concept. During World War I, progressive President Wilson published the concept of national self-determination and criticized competition and colonial injustices. In the1920s to the 70’s, there was widespread acceptance in many nations of a large role for the central governments’ intrusion into the economy. However, they believed federal intervention into state policies in the 70’s and 80’s would begin to play a major role in the market economy. During the Great Depression, economic policies were established and influenced by progressives in mainstream politics. Nearly all modern-day politicians bring forth many of these ideas and the resulting fact is that the progressive movement is moving us further and further away from the Natural Law and God’s Law and more and more toward socialism.

I appreciate my friend who used to question my essays years ago; it encouraged me to know that my hard work and research was not in vain and that these stories are archived for future generations to eventually recognize that the cure for maintaining the solidarity of America is to return to abiding by the laws of God and living the Natural Law.[ii] 




[i] See my book The Law of Nature and Nature’s God, our lives, our liberties, our pursuit of Happiness from

[ii] Abid

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