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Is America Really Great Again?

What Trump keeps repeating, now and throughout his campaign, is that he is going to make America great again.   Will Durant, in one of his nine volume books about the history of the world, said that great nations make great people. I disagree with his and Trump’s declaration because I believe that it is great men who make great nations. Our Founding Fathers, and some Native Americans, fall into this catigory. 

Within in the course of human events, we can find our way when we start thinking like the Founding Father’s and undertanding Native American values, by incorporating the Law of Nature and Nature’s God[1] back into our every-day living.


          I think we, indeed, want someone in the oval office we can trust. How do we know if a person is trustworthy? There are two elements we need to look for in a trustworthy person---they are what kind of character he has and how competent he or she is. Character is who we are and competence is what we can do.  They must correspond with one another to truly identify a trustworthy person. One can be a person of great, positive, character and be lacking in competence, or he or she can be very competent and have problems with the quality of his character, like one can be honest in his dealing with his fellowman, but incompetent in his work. Even though Trump has proven over and over again that he is competent in the business world, however he has been proving over and over again that he is incompetent in government affairs. If either one of these elements don’t support one another, then we have every reason to not trust that person.  You will always find successful men and women who are both competent and are of good character in our world.  However, these are pretty much disappearing these days. The difference Trump faces here is that in the business world one is motivated to make a profit for his company, whereas when you are involved in leading our government you are motivated to providing a service.  


Looking at Things as They Really Are

One of the most important things I learned from experiences in my personal and business life was that if we want to seriously and effectively serve other people we need to learn how to look at things as they really are---not so much the way we would like to see things happen.  I learned very quickly that when we have our own agendas, no matter how factual they may seem, it is always a defeating purpose unless you can demonstrate that you are a man of good character and are competent and are really nterested in serving your people. I have made this observation about Mr. Trump---he is, indeed, a successful businessman and gets his way by bullying his way through his dealings with his fellow men. This shows me that he may be competent in the business world, but is lacking in acceptable character. I think the American people are learning this---even so in his own party. I beleive that he proclaims to be a republican, yet he is uable to embrace republican principles therefore, in my opinion, he is a false conservative an so I beleive he is an untrustworthy person.  He may have won the election but I beleive his character has a lot to be desired.  Still, Trump keeps saying that he is going to make America great again. 

What makes a Great Nation?

Will Durant, in one of his books about the history of the world, said that great nations make great people. I disagree with his declaration because I believe that it is great men who make great nations.  Trump cannot make America great again unless he tells us how and if it is in accordance with the great men who founded this country. I believe what the Founders believed that it is the duty of great and honorable people who should elect great and honorable men and women into public service, or our country will not survive. Alexis Tocqueville, in his book Democracy in America, penned this: “America is great because America is good.   America will cease to be great when it ceases to be good.”  This is a very profound principle; this idea, indeed, comes from the Natural Law. Be warned my fellow Americans---we are no longer great and we have a long way to become good. Being good Americans is a perquisite for making America great.  Our President should set the example here.

So it will have to be for our candidates, but it will take a good and honorable electorate (us) to single out that person.   



[1] See my book The Law of Nature and Nature’s God, our lives, our liberties, our pursuit of happiness.

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